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Special Product

Seismic-isolation Rubber Bearing for Buildings

There are 2 types of Seismic-isolation Rubber Bearing for Buildings: the rectangular bearing and the round bearing. As the direction of an earthquake is random, the round bearing with isotropic property is suggested to be used for buildings.
There are also two type of seismic-isolation bearing for buildings: Lead-core Seismic-isolation Rubber Bearing and Non Lead-core Seismic-isolation Rubber Bearing. The Lead-core Seismic-isolation Rubber bearing for buildings is folded and layered by lead core, rubber layer and steel plate. The lead-core seismic-isolation rubber bearing has functions of damp increasing of the bearing and energy absorption; the steel plate adds vertical stiffness to the bearing so as to support the structure of buildings; the rubber layer adds high elastic deformation& resetting and loading to the bearing.
Therefore, the lead-core seismic-isolation rubber bearing for buildings with high bearing capacity, big damp, extended horizontal displacement and the heart function, is an isolation device integrating bearing and energy consumption. While as the isolation bearing without lead core has a small damping coefficient, thus it is used only for its small horizontal rigidity to extend the structure cycle so as to avoid the earthquake damage to the building.

FSPZ Observable Water-proof Pot Bearing

The working principle of the FSPZ observable water-proof pot bearing is that by taking advantage of the fluid nature and volume incompressible of the elastic rubber plates sealed in the steel pot under stress from three directions, transmits the reaction-force of bridge superstructure to the pier abutment reliably, and realize rotation of bridge beam end by means of the fluid nature of the rubber plate. The safety of the bridge is guaranteed by the horizontal displacement on the superstructure which is realized by the low coefficient friction between polyethylene on the middle steel linear plate and the stainless steel plate on the top of the bearing.
FSPZ Observable Water-proof Pot Bearing is able to meet the water-proof requirement under special working conditions with flood inundation when being installed in the bridge structure with long life expectancy and low cost.