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Seismic-isolation Device for Bridge

Super-damping Rubber Bearing

The seismic isolation technology of super-damping bearing can convert energy of motion into heat energy in the process of vibration through the viscoelasticity of special rubber in order to reduce the amplitude. Super-damping rubber bearing is composed of upper-lower connecting steel board, super-damping rubber and internally stiffened steel board. Connecting steel board is the foundation for connections between rubber bearing and building structures, rubber bearing and base, transmitting support force at the same time. Internally stiffened steel board can strengthen vertical stiffness of rubber bearing, which can be made to support building structures effectively. As for super-damping rubber between steel boards, it gifts the rubber bearing with the capabilities of energy absorption, elastic reset and carrying. It means that super-damping rubber bearing does not process only carrying capability as ordinary rubber bearing, but also relatively strong damping capability, which enables super-damping rubber bearing to be good at resisting earthquake and shock damages.
Equivalent damping ratio of ordinary rubber bearing is lower than 0.05, while that of super-damping rubber bearing is greater than 0.18. Through delaying bridge structural cycle in earthquake and greatly reduce acceleration of bridge upper structure, super-damping rubber bearing can relieve the stress imposed upon bridge and achieve excellent effect in seismic isolation. As lead-core rubber isolation bearing, super-damping rubber bearing is applicable to areas with seismic intensity no lower than Grade 8, where, if bridge being equipped with super-damping rubber bearing, general construction cost can be reduced accordingly.