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Viscous Fluid Damper

The core structure of viscous fluid damper is the hydraulic structure, including ear ring for connection, piston, working cylinder, supporting cylinder, sealing materials and viscous fluid (damping medium). 
Working principle: when the bridge structure is influenced by seismic (or wind) force, the piston rod, a part of viscous fluid damper working together with the bridge structure, is stressed and push the piston to move and then pressure difference is generated by high-viscosity damping medium of piston beam slab, which forces damping medium to flow through the damping hole and generates damping force, so that the energy from bridge structure vibration can be partly dissipated by viscous fluid damper to decrease bridge structure vibration (caused by earthquake or wind vibration).

Intelligent Viscous Fluid Damper

Intelligent viscous fluid damper mainly consists of viscous fluid damper and monitoring system.
The monitoring system mainly consists of sensing system, signal conditioning&collecting system, data communication&transmission system and data display&analysis system.
1,  Sensing system is composed of displacement sensor and tensioning pressure sensor, which are specially designed according to the specifications and model of viscous fluid damper.
2,  Signal conditioning&collecting system integrates data&information collecting, transforming, organizing, processing, storing and delivering. Its fundamental part refers to data organizing, storing, inspecting and maintaining. Data can be collected offline by users through intelligent components set inside the acquisition instrument which is used for data collection and recording, or collected online through computer to realize data control and analysis.
3,  Data communication&transmission system can be classified into wire transmission and wireless transmission. Wire transmission is carried out through network cable or data line to connect data acquisition instrument to computer, which can directly conduct real time analysis upon acquired signals and data. Advanced communication technology is applied in wireless transmission to sample, transfer, save and display data at the same time. Supported by mass memory of computer, all point signals can be continuously recorded by wireless transmission.
4, On the basis of computer and supporting software, data display&analysis system can outline the distribution of measuring points on building structures in the way of data or graph. It can quickly select and observe measuring points, display the waves of signals at measuring points in multiple-window in real time, analyze and process mass signals in real time, automatically extract and save feature parameters into data base, greatly reduce the storage of original data, trigger alarm in multiple ways upon signals beyond alarm value, permanently store related original data, support query upon historic curves of feature parameters in any period and generate report accordingly.