Equipment for upper structure construction of suspension bridge

OVM can provide a complete set of equipment specialized for the upper structure construction of suspension bridge, including cable tightening machine, cable-supported crane  and winding machine as per construction procedures. 

1  Cable tightening machine

Cable tightening machine is composed of extrusion device, hydraulic system, electric control system, running mechanism and balancing weight. Working principle: main cable is surrounded by extrusion device. Tightening work is realized through 6 fasteners drive by 6 hydraulic jacks separately. After tightening cable , the parameters of main cable’s void ratio and round forming diameter are in conformity with the design value. 

Structural features:
(1)   high&low pressure design achieves quick responding
(2)   Simple and convenient operation interface with approachability.
(3)   High reliability in system operating.

Model of cable tightening machine and project references

Model of cable tightening machine Diameter of main cable applicable (mm) Project references
JLJ600 550~650 Liuzhou Shuangyong Bridge
JLJ800 650~900 Nanjing Yangtz River Fourth Bridge
JLJ900 600~900 Nanxi Bridge
JLJ600A 540~620 Chongqing Qingcaobei Yangtz River Bridge

2  Cable-supported crane

Cable supported crane is specialized equipment for vertical lifting of large-tonnage girders in erection of upper construction structure during large-span suspension bridge’s construction . It mainly consists of primary steel truss, 2 running structures on main cable, 2 sets of hydraulic lifting equipment which including lifting and pulling jack, hydraulic pump station, control system and steel strand coiler,  shoulder pole beam for lifting and power generation device, etc.

The cable-supported crane can be run on main cable by walking type and rolling type. Its structural features are:
(1)    Modular design is adopted for primary truss, appliable to different intervals of main cable
(2)    Fast running speed is available by using hydraulic strand coiler to coil or decoil strands.
(3)    System with high reliability by using strand type hydraulic lifting system
(4)    Friendly human-computer interface with simple and convenient operation. 

3  Winding-wires machine

Winding-wires machine for main cable mainly consists of rack, winding tension control mechanism, wire clip crossing mechanism, overall machine moving mechanism, and electric control system, etc.

Structural features:
(1)   Self-winding and dual-direction winding on main cable available.
(2)   With capacity to cross cable clampers and hangers automatically
(3)   Tensioning force to wind wire can be set and controlled.
(4)   applicable to S-type and round type wire winding work.
(5)   Controlled by the servo electric motor,feeding and rotation of wire-winding head can be synchronize to achieve high quality winding, easy adjustment and reliable control.