Strand Pusher

A   General introduction
Strand pusher  is used to push single strand through duct during prestressing construction. The strand is mechanically driven by four sets auto-lock rollers, there are several pushing options: forward / backward, continuous / intermittent, fast / slow. The strand pusher is easy to operate. It is widely applied to post-tensioned large-scale bridges, box girders and structures.

B  Technical parameters
Horsepower 15HP 30HP
Electric data 380volts,3 phases 50Hz
220volts,3 phases 60Hz
Fuse >100A >125A
Pushing capacity 80M/Min 160M/Min
Rotational speed of motor 940RPM 1450RPM
Hydraulic pump max pressure 210Kg/cm² 210Kg/cm²
Overall dimension
1220*1280*1000mm 1450*1550*1400mm
Mass 480Kg 800Kg