Cable systems for cable stayed bridge

The solution of cable-stayed bridge by OVM – is based on the application of steel strand cable, steel wire cable and the whole bunch of extruded cable. OVM has provided products and special construction service for over 100 cable-stayed bridges in the world.  
•    According to different requirements, bar/galvanized/epoxy coated strand, or galvanized/epoxy coated steel wire can be selected as the material for cables.
•    High performance of anti-fatigue with 250Mpa stress amplitude.
•    Good anchorage safety performance under low stress.
•    High anticorrosion performance by use of epoxy coated steel strand or steel wire cable.
•    Real time safety of cable can be monitored with a cable force monitoring system.
•    Excellent multilayer anticorrosion protection ensure the system to meet requirements of CIP, fib.
•    Simple structure and easy installation, engineering service is available.