Post-tensioning system

LiuZhou OVM Machinery Co., Ltd. is the biggest company specialized in technical research, manufacture and engineering of prestressing in the Asian Pacific region, with a history of 50years. The annual manufacturing capacity reaches 36 million anchor holes and 6000 sets of prestressing equipments, which ranks first in China. 

A   General introduction 

B   Details 

Introduction to Post-tension system
OVM post tension system has series for different prestressing materials as steel wire, steel reinforcement, strand and FRP, and series for different area and feature as common structure, nuclear containment vessel, low temperature storage tank, ground and water works. The system is equipped with stressing equipment as jack and high pressure hydraulic pump.
At present, steel strand is generally used for prestressing structures. OVM round and flat steel strand anchorage system consists of stressing end anchorage, dead end anchorage and coupler. Wedge type is normally used for stressing end anchorage, while extruded type and onion type is used for dead end anchorage. OVM prestressing system is applicable for strands of 12.7, 12.9, 15.2, 15.7, 17.8, 25.4 and grade from 1860-2000 or below. The number of strand can be from 1 to 55, and even more based on special design.